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We believe in the consistent progression of each student's technique, confidence, self esteem and style through excellent instruction and the student's drive and commitment to dance. Our studio offers 3 levels to accommodate all levels of dance technique. Primary (Beginner), Premier (Intermediate), Elite (Advanced). The main focus of JDF Elite Dance Academy, is on the individual's growth both as a dancer and as a person. This is accomplished through the consistent and continuous training of our instructors. Mrs. Jen has created a curriculum for each subject offered that is aligned with the various levels, thus helping each student progress from one level to the next with confidence. Each student is placed in the various levels offered based on their personal progression as a dancer and not just age. Although ages are set for each level, it is merely the basis to keep age appropriate students learning together. However, because each student is different, there may be an overlap of ages in some levels. At JDF Elite Dance Academy the focus is the student's well being as an individual. This includes placing each student in a class that they feel comfortable with while still offering a challenge. This will ensure that success and progress is made in their individual style and dance ability. 

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