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We believe in the consistent progression of student's technique, confidence, self esteem and style through excellent instruction and the student's drive and committment to dance. Our studio offers Dance I-V to accomodate all levels of dance technique. The main focus of JDF Elite Dance Academy is on the individual's growth both as a dancer and as a person. This is accomplished through the consistent and continuous training of our instructors. Jennifer has created
a curriculum for each subject offered that is aligned with the various levels, thus helping each student progress from one level to the next with confidence. Each student is placed in the various levels offered based on their personal progression as a dancer and not just age. Although ages are set for each level, it is merely the basis to keep age appropriate students learning together. However, because each student is different, there may be an overlap of ages in some levels. At JDF Elite Dance Academy the focus is the student's well being as an individual. This includes placing each student in a class that they feel comfortable with while still offering a challenge. This will ensure that success and progress is made in their individual style and dance ability. 


Focuses on developing coordination, creativity, kinetics, and rhythmic skills using a variety of age appropriate activities. This class combines ballet, tap and some acrobatics to help introduce children to a variety of dance styles. This class utilizes the Princess Ballerina Themed Curriculum.


NOVICE (Ages 4-5yrs)
Similar to creative movement, but with more advanced coordination and acrobatics. This class introduces technical concepts that will prepare them for regular level classes. This class utilizes the Princess Ballerina Themed Curriculum.


This style of dance is the foundation for all styles of dance. The dancer will learn proper body alignment, posture, technique, musicality, use of center and proper dance terminology. This class will include warm up at barre, progressions across the floor, and center work. 

Ballet III Group.jpg


This class is focused on the fundamentals of the sounds and techniques used for synchopation movement. It also includes and promotes full use of the body with tap movement. It involves warming up the feet at the barre and at center, across the floor, and tap combinations. 

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This particular style of dance is utilized when ballet technique can be taken a step further. Jazz includes the basics of Ballet and ads style and contemporary movement along with leaps and turns outside of the classical realm. This class incorporates a jazz warm up, across the floor technique and center work along with jazz combinations. 


This style of dance originated from street dancing and has evolved into low to the ground and intricate movements with isolations of the ribs and hips. This form of dance is fun for any age! 

JDF 2022 Raw-40835.jpg


This style of dance has become very main stream in the media. It involves the fusion of lyrical and modern movement. There are many rises and falls as well as abstract fluid movement. It utilizes all coordination of the body. There will be warm up, across the floor and center work. 


This class focuses on the flexibility needed for leaps and the center work needed for turns. It is solely for the purpose to improve the leaps and turns used in all styles of dance. Flexibility and conditioning as well as combinations for both center and across the floor are included. 

JDF 2022 Raw-41536.jpg
JDF 2022 Raw-41593.jpg
JDF 2022 Raw-41074.jpg
JDF 2022 Raw-41103.jpg


This class will be divided into beginners and intermediate/advanced. The beginner acro class will focus on general motor skills and flexibility and strength for forward rolls, head stands, cartwheels, splits, etc. The intermediate/advanced class will focus on skills such as round off back hand springs, front/back walk overs, arials, etc.

**This class is only for basic acrobatic skills. We do not have a facility set up for the advanced elements of gymnastics. 

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JDF 2022 Raw-41450.jpg
JDF 2022 Raw-41009 copy 2.jpg


This class is for advanced dancers on full pointe and is by invitation only. It will take the technique of advanced ballet on demi pointe to full pointe. 

JDF 2022 Raw-41314.jpg
JDF 2022 Raw-40990.jpg

Creative Movement (Ages 2-4)

Ballet, Tap and Tumble themed curriculum.


Novice (Ages 4-5)

Ballet/ Jazz Combo Class, Novice Tap, Novice Leaps/Turns, and Beginner Acro

Primary (Beginner)

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Leaps/Turns, Conditioning/Stretching, Acro

Premier (Intermediate)

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Leaps/Turns, Conditioning/Stretching, Acro

Elite (Advanced)

Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern, Improvisation, Leaps/Turns, Drill Prep, Conditioning/Stretching, Acro


By Audition Only 

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