What is JDF Elite Company? 

The JDF EDA Company under the direction of Jennifer Forst is a highly-competitive National Award Winning company designed for advanced pre-professional dancers ages 9-19 who train and rehearse 15 or more hours a week, and compete in almost all genres of dance. JDF company attends approximately 5-7 competitions and several conventions held mainly during the spring, primarily in Houston, and participates in several local charity events and performances throughout the year.  

High School Dancers...

In addition, NEW THIS YEAR, dancers age 15-19 who are involved in extracurricular activities at the high school level and cannot commit the 15 or more hours a week but still want to compete with JDF Company now have a separate requirement for hours spent in classes. This will enable our dancers to be inolved in as much as they feel they can manage within the time allowed. At JDF we believe in kids being kids! It is important to have a main focus, but should enjoy the opportunity to engulf themselves in many experiences thus creating well rounded and talented individuals as adults.

Elementary Dancers...

For our competitive dancers ages 3-8 our program is designed to introduce them to the competitive world of dance. They train and rehearse approximately 4-7 hours per week and compete in almost all genres of dance. They will attend 3-7 competitions and several conventions held mainly during the spring, primarily in Houston, and participates in several local charity events and performances throughout the year. 

Many former JDF Elite Company members have reached their goals for HSPVA, Drill Teams, college dance programs and teams, professional dance teams and more after training with our competition company. 



Dancers are assigned Company placement and dance placement based on Auditions. Our Company consists of the following sub-companies and will vary from year to year:

Mini Elite           Petite Elite          Junior Elite          Rookie Elite          Senior Elite           Select Elite


  • Each JDF Company member will be required to attend rehearsals in addition to mandatory technique classes each week.

  • They are required to attend all competitions, conventions and performances required for company members.


  • Any dancer interested in JDF Company should contact Jennifer Forst at jdf.elite@yahoo.com or 281-993-4559.

  • All interested parents must attend the Audition Parent Meeting before the dancer will be able to audition. If you cannot make the date provided please call or email us to set up a private meeting before the audition. 

  • Audition Fee is $40 per dancer due on or before the Audition date. 

  • Dancers should wear all black to the audition with hair in bun. They will need turners, ballet shoes and tap shoes. 

  • Dancers are ENCOURAGED to pre-register for the audition! 

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